Our Services

  • Corporate Network Design

    Lc Plus Computers Ltd. will fully implement its Corporate Network Designs, from the wiring in client’s buildings, selection of hardware and software, preparation of Servers and workstations, configuration of Conference rooms and multimedia centers, and its full range of services that will embrace not only its local operations but remote access via iphones, ipads, mobiles, and many others.

    Corporate Cloud.

    Corporate Network are enhanced by using File Servers, FTP Servers, Collaboration Servers, Backup Controllers, Firewalls, Apps Servers, Crawler Servers. This environment will create a Corporate Cloud that will be the key stone to the full operation and success of our client's businesses.

  • Troubleshooting

    The Troubleshooting Services will embrace hardware, contingency plans, data backups and recovery procedures, remote monitoring, end user support, server and workstation general updates, vulnerability management, penetration and hacking testing, hardware sanitation, and others. Office Managers will simply rest at ease!


    We offer a full spectrum of preventive maintenance packages that will warranty a reliable Corporate Network operation, after office hours are part of our services.


    At Lc Plus Computers Ltd. we provide direction, alternatives and other forms of consultation for business to make ICT informed decisions.